Kristin Perkins'
clean lines

I'm not the only person to characterize Kristin Perkins’ work as having clean lines, bold color, and a fun&funky and/or retro sensibility. Besides these qualities there are two others this artist manages to balance, which I really admire:

  • her work is very focused
  • yet it's constantly evolving

My stuff seems either to lie stagnant, or jump wildly all over the place, rather than the smooth and steady progression (not to mention the ability to deliver orders not only on time but early) that is a hallmark of Kristin's working methods.

I am very pleased to be able to share some of Kristin's work with you. Please note that she reserved all rights to both images and content.


another flash setup howto for myself, now with bigger backgrounds. 29sep2017


I shoot two artist's work regularly: my own, and Kristin Perkins'. While both of us use opaque accents in our beads, we tend to emphasize transparency. Kristin adds another layer of complication (from the photographer's point of view) with the highly polished silver in which she sets her beads: ...


How to shoot Kristin Perkins' jewelry, Aug 2015 edition. 01aug2015


Shooting earrings with flash. 24nov2014


In which both Kristin & Sylvus make incremental improvements. Originally posted 10aug07. 10aug2007


This pendant features autumn colors for fall 2006. 15nov2006


A rainbow of bangles. . file created 25jun06. 26jun2006


Being helpful without realizing it ; created 19jun; group photo added 25jun06. 25jun2006


Very cool hair adornments ; file created 16jun06; spelling error in artist's name corrected 25jun06 17jun2006


Ice blue theme resurrected ; file originally created 29aug05; reworked and renamed 25jun06 25jun2006


Aqua flowers ; file created and originally posted 18jun06 18jun2006


Kristin's work is featured in a local publication. Created & posted 14aug05 16jun2006


file created 25jun06; moved to KristinPerkins directory 3jun08