Kristin Perkins'
Elegant Earrings.

So Kristin and I happened to be yakking about some technical problem—who was it that said, when artists get together, they don't talk about dominant philosophical themes in art, but what kind of brush to use? (In fact, they do both...)

Group shot. This was actually selvaged from a different post I made before incorporating full-size .jpgs that I forgot to publish—oh, the sins of the cluttered lifestyle.

And I said, why don't you do X? To this day, I don't have a clue what X was, and anyway, I think she interpreted it slightly differently than how I meant. But the next time we got together, she said, "I took your suggest for X on these earrings, and it's great. Looks good, solves the problem, and takes less manufacturing time. Thank you so much! And here's a pair of earrings, too."

Believe these use german (glasslbowing) color, which can be quite luscious. Glass, silver. Copyright 2005 Kristin Perkins, all rights reserved.

To which I said cheerfully, "you're entirely welcome. Uh, what exactly did I suggest?" And if only I could be at least be conscious of these all-too-intermittant spates of brilliance...

And, darn it all, where are those earrings?

file created 19jun06; group shot added 25jun06