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Purple and Green sock
one of a pair

My short rowing and kitchener stitch is pretty rough, but I have completed one sock, and am all excited about starting the other. This time, Posy is going to make me cast on.

sock. completed 6nov08.

This yarn, lorna's laces 302 "Jungle Stripe" has a 32" repeat: that is, the hank stretched out 32" long, and is half green (a rather variegated green, actually, though alas, my photoflood died, so I can't photograph it) and half purple. So if I wanted longer stripes, say what I get on the heel, I would need, perhaps, a 64" repeat... of the 210 yds I used all but 83 to make my sock. My feet are 9.5 inches long (or perhaps 9-3/4, depending on the ruler), and 9 inches in diameter at their largest point, which means I supposedly have small feet and wear a 4–6 size shoe. Well, I've worn 8-1/2 for years, so I think there's some wacky going on here.

Also according to this book, I should be casting on 72 stitches (or so) instead of the 60 Posy recommended, since my gauge is about 12 – 12-1/2 st/", and using size one needles instead of 2s...I refuse to worry about all these mismatches tonight, since the sock above, however ill-made, does in fact fit my foot. I'm very grateful to have someone with the experience to tell me what to do, since if I'd followed the directions in this book, I don't think I'd’ve been so lucky. And it doesn't even document the special hole-filling short-row method, which I'm beginning to suspect is an adaptation of Posy's to strengthen the seam.

I admit, I'm looking forward to a point when all this is obvious, rather than dimly perceived.

photo, file 07nov08.


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