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Chroma socks
when they say handwash, they mean it

2 pr socks started in 2012...

Before f2tE took over all the handwashing chores, the wizard mistakenly machine washed one of these, which shrank drastically. Between that and some sock projects that were more than a bit above my pay grade, I haven't done much with knitting or socks for the past several years. But it's nice to be reminded that once upon a time, I did succeed on some level, and that I could again—if I made the effort.

rainbow ones started saturday 11 feb. Tried casting on 3 st each side for std toe; that was a disaster. Consulted book, cast on 9 st. each side (total 18) Much better. Increased to 33(?) st ea side. Again, way too much, had to frog back to 22 or so (6 st/in, 3.5"x 6 =21) Used wooly nylon to reinforce toes.

roller skate worsted chroma single ply 70%wool, 30% nylon, hand wash/dry flat lot 20.

  • single ply chroma worsted ‘roller skate’ lot #20 70% wool; 30%nylon
  • cuffs in some mystery single ply 100% wool bought many years ago
  • size 4 (3.5mm); 2 24" circs
  • CO 18 st (9 per side) cat bordhi's std toe; reinforced w purple fuzzy nylon
  • l&r inc every row
  • after row 13, every other row for 15, 17 for more pointed toes
  • notes end here
  • riverbed architecture
  • some twisted stitches to tighten up heel area

closeup of heel

forest green (color)

  • star toe
  • 1.5 mm needle sole 17/2 18/2 18/2 9st/in
  • 1.75 mm needle instep 17/2; 16.5/2"; 17/2 8.5st/in
  • 1.75(cuff) 17; 18; 19 9st/in
  • 2.0 17; 17.5 8.5 st/in
  • 2.25 16.5; 17 8.25 st/in
  • 2.75 14 (7st/in)

Originally, thought the first sock fit better. The second one, which had several rows of increases every 4 rows (instead of 3) actually proved better. This is the best fitting pair so far.

Note: the discontinuity (blue row at cuff/instep border) is a result of yarn break/color change.

26 feb rollerskate socks completed [2012]

  • green yarn ribbed with largest? tips...very loose!
  • 23 feb (thurs, kurt) best guess for soy stripes socks started–first cast on
  • 26 feb second cast on, with 2nd largest interchangeable tips


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