Purple and Green
Playing with color-shifts

I suspect I've been working on this series for roughly five or six years, since I know that I made the 2nd braid around 2000 or so. So far, the progress mostly seems to be backwards, or at best, sideways. Well, there's always those hideous samples I made over the winter holidays to compare it to.

page originally created 28mar05


purple, green and harvest gold kumi... 20aug2015


5mm x 83" 16 str kongoh completed approx 16feb15 19aug2015


This index page collects my posts on kumihimo (Japanese style braiding on a marudai, or round stool, with tama/bobbins) and other braids. 23aug2005


The first and so far best and most successful effort. (originally posted 14dec01) 08may2005


This one wasn't working out so I turned it into a split braid. (originally posted 14dec01) 28mar2005


Well, that didn't work, so let's try in the cotton again. This is a little better ... (28mar05) stay tuned for more thrilling developments... 28mar2005


But hey, I think I've got it down anyway, so let's try it in silk (28mar05) 28mar2005