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Four Stand Ombre Purple & Green Braid
Let's experiment with splitting the braid.

This is not nearly as difficult to do as it looks: it's sort of like an oimatsu with a very long float. The trickiest part was making certain the individual braids were all the same length. Not being particularly precision minded, I can guarantee you they aren't, but as the picture shows, they're pretty close.

I started this braid during a kumi demo for my younger child's kindergarten class, which dates it sometime during the 2000-2001 school year. The split part I did later, when it was obvious that the ombre patterns weren't going to work out. By simplifying the color scheme—that is, breaking it down to 4, instead of 16 strands, I got some nice harmony going on within the simple four strand braids.

This piece still needs to have tassels added, but I was remarkably surprised at how nicely the colors worked out.

‘Sugar'n’Spice’ brand 100% cotton yarn. The 16 strand portion of the braid is approximately 1/2” (12mm) in diameter. Twill weave (keiriko no himo) braid.

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