Classic Prielozny Designs
Color luscious enough to Eat.

Shown below are some of Peggy's signature beads: hearts, of course, sputniks (dot trailed dichro beads), aventurine trailed bicones, and beautiful marble like beads with Peggy's hand-twisted filigrana cane. Peggy has a real gift for using tools, and a very good eye for judging the volume of marble molds. Like me she started out as a stringer, so her beads are designed with that in mind; in addition to making and teaching the making of glass beads, she also makes beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry (and teaches the techniques) and sings.

Beads copyright 2000 Peggy Prielozny


green and pink bead curtain strand featuring Peggy Prielozny's beads. 20sep2017


golden green beadcurtain strand with fuming & dichro 26jun2017


New designs incorporating patterned dichro and the hollow technique. 22may2004


Signature Designs 22may2004


Fun for the Photographer. 22may2004


Idiosyncratic wirewrapping , made during the 1990s; last update: 15sep02.