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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Pink & Green beadcurtain,
with gold fuming & dichro dotties

Here's some shots of a spring beadcurtain strand. Click on any image for a good sharp full-size version[1]

s4, 19feb17: In progress.

My notes for this period are incomplete—iirc, I mislaid the studio notebook, wrote notes elsewhere, then lost/discarded them, but some online research indicated that it was unseasonably warm that day (over 60 degrees—I was very worried about the cherry crop) so yes, I really was sitting on my deck in the middle of February, stringing beads.

S4 27mar17 Closeup of 2 of Peggy Prielozny's beads.

Rather than hiding them away, I decided I would like to have some of my first teacher's beads where I could admire them all the time, so I incorporated both some sputniks (the dichro core dotties) and twist/raked bicones into this strand.

S4 27mar17 focus on the gold fumed beads

Having located some of the gold I bought to do fuming (ages ago[2] ) I played with that, too.

S4 27mar17

I think the strand was done or almost done, and a month later I just needed to add the leader; I know I was trying to complete UFO's.

E620 27mar17 (15apr17 directory)

[1]The algorithm that downsizes these images does kind of a mediocre job, sorry...

[2]i.e. 2–5 years...?