My First Glass Beadmaking Teacher
A Hearty Soul Indeed!

And in more ways than one. Peggy Prielozny is particularly known for her beautiful filigrana striped hearts. Built around a dichroic core to give them a bit of sparkle, the larger model is accented with milliefiori that Peggy carefully selects to complement the base colors.

Peggy had me photograph some of her beads, and it was a pleasure to work with such a delightfully colored (and light-refractive) subject. These pictures only represent a sampling of her line; more or less in order I show perennial favorites, new designs and some specialty beads.


green and pink bead curtain strand featuring Peggy Prielozny's beads. 20sep2017


golden green beadcurtain strand with fuming & dichro 26jun2017


New designs incorporating patterned dichro and the hollow technique. 22may2004


Signature Designs 22may2004


Fun for the Photographer. 22may2004


Idiosyncratic wirewrapping , made during the 1990s; last update: 15sep02.


Beads copyright 2000 Peggy Prielozny