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Pink & Green beadcurtain,
featuring Peggy Prielozny's dichro beads

This bead curtain strand is slightly unusual in that it is mixed pink and green. The first bead curtain was made of individually monochrome strands, organized into a rainbow. This one, I tried to put in a simple pattern, so some of the strands switch from one colour to another (e.g. yellow to green). This one just randomly mixes pink and green beads, basically because it's easy to do; however, part of the reason this happened is that I decided to incorporate some of my first lampworking teacher's beads, which I have been saving for a very long time (say, roughly 15 or 20 years) and decided I would enjoy them where I could see them, instead of buried in a box somewhere.

Bead curtain strand. This one's ‘active’ area is a little longer than the typical 5 feet, but overall it measures roughly 78–80 inches total. Lampwork, other glass, tigertail, basemetal crimps, artist-forged copper S hook. 14sep17

I like this version better than the washed-out one I took on white foam-core (that I then spent wayyyy too much time color correcting in gimp) but it doesn't really show off Peggy's beautiful dichro-core dotties (what she calls sputniks) or her hearts. That's for the closeup:

Close up, showing two of Peggy's filigrana dichro-core hearts & two of her sputniks, framed with dottie pixie-dust beads by yours truly. Her beads were most likely made in the late 90s.

The next two images are exactly the same as above, except the zoom setting on my (fully manual) flash has been changed: it's at the default of 35mm in the picture above; 24mm in the one immediately below, and 105 in the third version.

continuing on...

two more shots of the closeup, at 24 & 105 respectively. Note how much more ‘lit’ the lower left corner of the black plexi background is in the 24mm shot. All three at f6.3 1/80sec, at full power, iirc.

The green hollow on the right with diamond shaped dark pink beads is blown, and poorly made, but the huge hole on one end did allow me to do some fun double-stringing.

And just because I haven't bored you enough with versions of this item, here's that color-corrected version on white...f9 1/60sec.

It's actually not horrible, but the one sputnik is almost completely hidden, & the other isn't really showcased, so I decided to reshoot.

minor edit, swapped pixie tags, 25may2018