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Plant Hanger
in pinks and purples

I've made three beaded plant hangers so far, and as they're a bear to shoot well the second one remains undocumented.[1] This one, made as a gift, is, in comparison to the first two, rather sloppily executed and photographed, because I needed to get it done.

Lensbaby hides hosts of sins. Also, romantic background from yesterday was still set up:)

The recipient said ‘any’ color(s) would do, as she has a theory that they all go together. In some sense, I think she's right: people tend to gravitate to certain palettes, and this will help tie things together. Her spouse, however, implied he'd like a little more continuity—and me being the person with the silver and white xmas tree because I wanted it “to match” I can understand that too.

Modeled with a pot—hey, look my irises bloomed this year!

The recipient has a very pretty mosaic framed mirror she made herself in mauves, dusty roses, grey-blues and the like, so those were the basis for my color choices. I incorporated a lot of my friend Cindi B's beads (that she was gonna throw away!) —many of them have splashes of pink and purple frits, which sort of echo the idea of the mosaic bits (at least to my mind).

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[1]Oddly enough I had a blank post only a couple of numbers greater than the earlier plant hanger posts, which is why this page was created in early march, but not written till the end of may.