Xmas cactus,
or, fuchsia!

This post is actually supposed to be about the plant hanger, but for some reason the rest of my directory wouldn't load. It's not as if I haven't been trying to show this work for 3–4 years...

Closeup of a xmas cactus bloom in my studio.

I like this plant because it's one of the few that thrives in my studio, which is 40 degrees in the winter and gets up to 100degF in the summer—since I couldn't show the winter version, here's a lensbaby interpretation of the same plant from last summer:

beaded plant hanger, with cactus plant.

This picture is artistic rather than informative, but you can still get a sense of the tassel, which is at least a foot (30cm) long. The design is based upon an inexpensive nylon and wooden bead plant hanger, so it's pretty straightforward. The big bead right under the pot is a dichro lumpen.