Green Dichro Plant Hanger
or, tassel overtakes all.

So here's that picture of my green plant hanger I promised a week ago.

green plant hanger. Glass, beadalon. Completed 13mar2008.

I wanted the tassel to come to a tapering point, but I used so many large beads in the proximal parts of the strands that the tips spread. Grr. However, I did eventually manage to solve this problem with the plant hanger I made last year. (Which yes, some day I will get around to posting—I did a better job of documenting it;)

The reason I can date its completion so exactly is there are actual photos of me working on it 12mar, and the pic below is dated 13mar. I hadn't realized it's been five years. Oh, well.

So here's a shot of my first beaded plant hanger just after I finished it. The dichro focal probably dates to roughly 2004.

The 8/0s that comprise the hanging loop were selected primarily because they had nice big holes, since I needed to stuff 8 strands of tigertail through them. For similar reasons I selected rocailles for the 4 ‘hanging’ strands, since, again, the tiger tail is doubled within these beads—not till I get where the netting holds the pot is tigertail down to a single strand: and because the seed beads are sitting against an opaque pot, I used opaque beads—whereas the rest are transparent, since they're backlit by the light coming through the doorwall.

The flattened shot of it really makes obvious that it's basically an excuse to string a giant tassel. Not altogether surprising, I love tassels. Oh, and use up a lotta beads lying around, of course.

And here it is newly installed. Alas, the first plant did not survive, and I replaced it with the xmas cactus, shown above. (This image was taken in the same batch as the photo just above, on plexi.)