Tidy Studio, v. 2008
Or, trawling thru the archives

This is a continuation of the plant hanger series: while trawling through ancient (i.e., camera before this one) archives to find the studio[1] photograph of my first beaded plant hanger, I found a pretty decent shot of the old bead curtain shot in the current studio.

Well, it's better than my earlier efforts, anyway. And I say old, because I'd been thinking for several years that I was ready to make a new bead curtain, and since f2tE very much desired the first version, I presented it to hir as a milestone bday gift. I started the new bead curtain, which is to be in a pink and green color scheme (to match those green walls!) last year. I've got 10 strands, or about 1/6, done. Perhaps if we get one more good snowfall, I can photograph it in progress:)

Tidy studio, from just about exactly five years ago.

I often try to tidy up the studio about this time of year. It's my way of celebrating St Patty's (since green beer does nothing for me, but the studio is certainly green) or perhaps spring (also harbinger of green;). As the weather warms up, it just seems to me that having a nice, tidy studio helps to naturally encourage new projects, to go along with the new growth outside.

Another shot, about a week later.

I picked this exposure for the snow, because I'm too much of a n00b with gimp to brighten the dark bits, let alone combine this exposure with a slightly lighter one. In any event, I kind of like the contrast, with serene, beckoning snow: we do, in fact, have snow on the ground right now, but it's not nearly this pretty!

[1]As in, shot in the photographic studio setup, not in situ in the glass bead studio...sigh, this is confusing.