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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Red, White & Blue Tapestry Amulet Bag
A Little Tapestry for a Lot of Beads

This is the last of the series. I have a large collection of striped beads, particularly white with red or blue (or both) stripes. This piece was intended to let me play with them. As long as tapestry needleweaving takes, I figured it would still be faster than peyote weaving a bag. This was back when amulet bags were all the rage. Remember when? Like, about 5 or at most 10 years ago? How time does fly...

I can't say for certain whether weaving the bag really saved any time, but it did allow me to use some quirky yarns with pink, red and blue fibers in them. Then I decided to attempt some attractive fringes, similar to the ones I used in the chatt bag. I've never succeeded in duplicating the quality of that fringe.

I also seem to recall taking Mr. Chatt to task for his boring straps. Well, now he can have his revenge (if he were so small minded, which I have good reason to know he's not—or knot:) I was very bored with this piece after I felt the fringe failed, and went for something classic and simple. However, I am proud of the little peyote tube slide. It does indeed stay in place, by friction alone. I'm still amazed that it a) worked (engineering is not my strong point) on b) the first try.

cotton and synthetic fibers, some hideously expensive chevron disks, some other theoretically antique African trade beads and any number of patriotically colored seed beads ranging from 6/0 to 13/0.