Public complaints sometimes generate private criticisms
Or, I get a letter from David Chatt

Actually, Mr. Chatt was very nice: I reproduce his response in its entirety below:

Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999 19:54:35 -0800

Dear Silvus,

I hate the unimaginative straps most bag makers use. Chatt's has two big beads, each bracketed by nearly invisible czech 4 and 6 mm disks where the strap attaches to the purse, and that's it. From a bead-stringer's point of view, that's pretty boring." I will take this under consideration,  I'm glad to see that you persevered and hope that you have not sworn off right angle weaving! Good luck with your work.

David Chatt

However, I stand by my original assertion: most straps on amulet bags seem to be more of an afterthought than anything else; and even when the bag maker throws in a few beads from the fringe or the bag itself, there still seems to be a lack of emphasis on transition from the focal point (usually roughly rectangular) to the linear element (long and thin).

Of course amulet bags are no longer the vogue; and since becoming a glass beadmaker I've become more sympathetic to the idea of a idea of a blob on a string. So the whole issue is probably moot.