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Blue and Green Peyote Stitched Pin
Hey, Let's try peyote with 4mm beads!

Not only that, but can we change direction? Hmm, we can. What fun. Hey, edging in 15/0s looks good, and so do hexes....

The pin back is stainless steel, based upon an ancient roman design. It's made with the same wire that I used in the variation on a theme by David Chatt bag. Commericial pin backs are fine, but I thought this was a more elegant solution.

I gather Philip Fike (from whom I took metalworking classes at Wayne) made such pins all the time, out of silver. And was offended when one of his students, upon hearing they were a good bread and butter item, wanted him to show her exactly how to do them! Tch, tch, tch, especially when good photographs of the original roman “safety pins” are so widely available. I've never bothered making the plain metal pins out of silver (that involves forging, which I don't do) but I've often made them out of steel wire as “backs” for pieces.

Materials and Techniques: glass, goldfill, brass, and (one, count ’em) african turquoise cube bead, nylon, stainless steel; peyote and wirework (so to speak)



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