Twist dot floral
made into miniature mouse

Pretty sure I made the tail of this mouse while trying to tidy up beads lying around; not sure I recorded the actual construction date, but some time this summer or fall.

Approximately 7.25 inches (not including keyring); focal is roughly 1/2 inch hole to hole. Effetre, boro, seed beads, basemetal, beadalon. Strung 2019, photographed 24oct2019.

The focal is a an exercise in my favourite Kristina Logan technique, twist dot florals. Afaik, she no longer does this pattern, and every once in awhile I attempt it. While I will never match her skill, it's been an interesting test of my improving skills over the years.

On the one hand, the mice have been getting ridiculously long; on the other, most people find shorter ones far more useful, so I've been making more of these little ones, especially since coming back from Japan, where the smaller ones were particularly desired.