A Mouse went to Japan...
and then came back

This mouse went to Japan as a gift, but had to come home for repairs.

8.75 inches; 1.25 lentil focal. 2019.

The life of a mouse is a hard one: more than any other kind of stringing I do, mice come back for restringing—one of the reasons that I tend not to put as much effort or money into the materials (excepting the beadalon, which is the most durable stuff I have on hand for making the tails—which usually break first.)

This mouse was unusual in that the focal was entirely shattered, and the tails in nearly perfect condition: though I made the mouse in 2016, it was still in my possession in 2018, and so the tails (tassel part) didn't really have time to wear out before the focal got broken. (I think by having a car drive over it. That's pretty hard on glass beads.)


As it happens, I had to do some rather extensive digging to find images of the original mouse—if I'd made that effort before I remade the bead, they probably would've been similar, but I'd forgotten that the original focal was a pressed emerald, as opposed to some sort of lumpy failed lentil (which is what I guessed from the broken shards taped to it.)

other side.

This one also has a lot less dichro, oh well. It was a very nice warm up exercise for getting back on the torch: I had done only a couple of samples, really, between May and October, before making the replacement lentil for the new version.