Lime and aqua leftovers
make a cool-coloured mouse

If the little designer bead serving as a focal in this dainty mouse doesn't date back to a 2005 2 colour ‘100 bead variation’ exercise then at the very least it was inspired by it. I was not especially successful with this exercise; I did a bit better some years later with the Heather Trimlett no-tool dot challenge; but during one of my periodic tidying forays, I gave away the latter strand (I was so unsatisfied with it...) and decided the former exercise had sat in my unlooked sample box enough years, and so threw the beads into the junk tray designer sized mixed bead odds'n’ends tray, which is where I typically forage for mouse components.

mini-mouse featuring lime green and white designer bead. Photographed 31jul2018. focal 13mm, 6.75" overall. Glass, basemetal, grungroo; one turqueoise bead, another with a bit of dichro. I think that tubular metal bead is a part from bike tire or similar.

I'm very fond of lime green, and like the iridescent on opaque green seed beads—think I bought a big bag of ’em during the summer of ’18 to teach French beaded flower, so I'm guessing this mouse was not only photographed then, but actually manufactured during that period as well, probably as an exercise to clean up fallen seed beads from the dragonfly pin or similar projects.

Didn't realize I already had a picture, so here's another version, this one shot 30Oct2019.

Though I generally took more care over the 2018 lot, I think this is actually the stronger image.