Blues accented with White
evokes ocean waves—complete with starfish:)

This is another in a series of dead mice I made in the summer of 2018 to clear up seed beads while working out french beaded flower projects for a class.[1] It's not terribly exciting, but if I make a web page I can more easily find it than trawling through my embarrassingly large digikam database.

Dead mouse in blues with white accents. The body of the mouse has a tiny bit of gold leaf. The little starfish is a nod to the aquatic colour scheme. Location, length, size unknown.

This is probably not the most boring mouse ever, but certainly in the running; and the restricted colour scheme and small size made it suitable as part of the cohort that went to Japan as little omiyage. I hope it has a happy home.

[1]The irregularly sized lustre aqua transparents and iridescent lime green opaques, not to mention the date, are the giveaways, here.