Fused purple pi
makes a quirky mouse

A fellow lampworker very kindly loaned me her pi (disk) mold and some extremely expensive spray to coat it: really, it ought to be easy to charge (fill) the mold and sinter the frit into lovely disks suitable for cool necklaces and the like but in reality, like so much else, there's a learning curve, one I have not so far surmounted. So I threw one of the less bad samples into this rather unusual mouse, and I seem to recall that someone got a kick out of it, and so were given the mouse.

photographed 31jul2018; fused element (bullseye); glass, steel, beadalon, pressed czech glass, seed beads, etc. Location & length unknown, though I believe the pi is about 1 or 1-1/8" in diameter.

I do like the somewhat unusual graduation in value and size in the middle of the tails: typically, I put the larger seed beads towards the ends of the tails to act as transitional elements, but I think they work fine in the center.