Zebra head
as a mouse body

This was intended to be part of a gift exchange that the wizard, who is a referee, and therefore, like his fellow refs, tends to collect a lot of zebra themed stuff, so why not a keychain charm? The only problem is that it had to go, um, Australia? and I think it got lost in shipping, so I'm not certain the recipient ever got it.

Glass, pewter charms, beadalon. photographed 23dec2016

The design of the zebra head is based on my friend Joy C's zebra heads—she'd already worked most of the bugs out of the design, so it was fairly easy to generate the bead; I'm really pretty happy with this piece, so it's kind of a shame that it got lost. Needless to say, I haven't any documentation on exact size or length, but I'm guessing the focal is probably 30mm long.

The little gold zebra bead is, I believe, a tierracast creation; at any rate, I thought it absolutely perfect for the piece. Spotted, raked striped, and scrolled curliQ beads—oh, and a little spot'n’streak—constitute sort of a rogues’ gallery of designer techniques. Naturally I had to round it out with striped seed beads—both black on white and white on black, legacy of making these necklaces.