Lime & Pine Dots
and orange spots...

Honestly, the focal is kind of a fugly, but as my notes say it's first, here we are. I suspect I was cleaning up spilled beads, probably sometime in February or March; at any rate, pretty sure I strung the piece elarly in 2018.

focal is approx 3/4"; length overall approximately 8".

One of the reasons I'm assuming this is the large variety and spread of quality—everything from old rocaille bugles with half their silvering missing and large, globby clear colourless 8/0s to fancier-finished seads beads: it suggests I was trying to use up odds and ends. In a similar way, I incorporated random green beads, such as the orange dot and the misshapen spot & burnt out dichro in the tails; nevertheless I think it works together well, not hurt by using consistently dark findings—keyring, pewter toggle-ring & black iron wire.