2016 shard mouse
in autumnesque colours

This mouse is actually a little more mouse-shaped, as it features a barrel bead in very light transparent cobalt shading into pale green (from transparent thompson enamel, I believe), with amber, medium blue, and silver plum (grey-violet) shard accents.

Mouse, 2016. Glass, base-metal, beadalon. Measurements/location unknown.

I particularly liked how the ‘old’ amber bugle beads in the tails co-ordinated with the gold-brown amber shards of the focal bead; also, appreciated the opportunity to incorporate a wire-wrapped bead at the joint, which was recently given me;)

N.b.: photographed, 5oct2016, page created 16oct2016, posted (only 3 years later) on 6nov2019—for some reason[1] it got left behind from the rest of its cohort.

[1]Looks as if I only managed to post 4 days that week...