Cool Stringing...
So naturally it's in `Scrimshaw'

This necklace was made at the tail-end of my scrimshandering period, and was one of those happy accidents where I had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to do; I drilled the long bone beads cross wise into two places to make them into spacer bars, and cut a nice long piece of tigertail and just strung and strung and strung till I ran out of it. The two silver ‘daisy’ beads at the bottom of the middle loop move free on the seed beads—something I like to put in my pieces for the customers to fiddle with, as much stroking fatigues the stringing material and breaks it.

Glass, silver, bone, aluminum, ink, 7 stranded sheathed cable. 16-1/2” top to bottom; 7-1/2” wide; scrimshaw: 1-1/16” diameter. Private collection.

Though the central pendant looks attached at three points, it isn't. It's vertically drilled, and the headpin is looped around the top, horizontal strand. The two sides touch, but don't attach. This sort of effect would be impossible to achieve with thread, and is the reason why I prefer the stiffer hand of tigertail, and now, beadalon. One can get some marvelous effects with it.

Closeup. The disk is roughly 20mm.

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