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Otherwise known as miscellaneous blog entries

Here's a partial list of my mini-maunderings (this list is not currently being updated, as of 7jan07, but at least the formatting's now fixed—hoping to automate this a bit in the future):

Active index 23sep06–present

Archive 7 21jun06–22sep06

01sep06 English Cut.

30aug06 mystery meat; ezer cenegdo; feminism.

28aug06 delish tips by a food photographer.

12aug06 Mo’ Margaret; ultimate corsages.

08aug06 Krrish; Firedance Beads

03aug06 Hyperthermia! Hypothermia! Birdflu! survival howtos.

19jul06 Yet another artist's statement.

08jul06 Monarda. Teaching at Unearthed.

04jul06 Tigers & Strawberries.

29jun06 No, I don't follow directions well.

27jun06 Iris borers are disgusting.

25jun06 Pinto patterns; Thunderbolt rides again!

Archive 6: 21mar06–20jun06

19jun06 Happy Father's Day. In memorium.

18jun06 Alphonse Mucha.

16jun06 Nya, nya, orangey!

14jun06 Page does so make beads.

11jun06 A really good nursery.

24may06 Uglies and His Majesty's Dragon.

16may06 Quirky comics protest sexism, rude drivers, and obnoxious credit-card possessing customers.

04may06 Come and play with me?

01may06 Fanfic good.

18apr06 Pysanky links.

12apr06 Haircutting and weightlifting.

07apr06 Trends in the bead world.

31mar06 Privilege: male artists vs. female Crafters.

30mar06 Bead curtains, Pysanky and page rank.

Archive 5: 01jan06–20mar06

15mar06 Marvellous sequential art about copyright and fair use

13mar06 The wretched treatment of a gifted high school teacher.

09mar06 Beads good; patriarchy bad.

28feb06 Gorgeous sculpture good; censorship bad.

13feb06 The joys and perils of procrastination.

11feb06 Automotive privilege.

06feb06 Rejiquar: now with bigger pix and strikethrus.

28jan06 My first internet meme; Beak of the Finch.

23jan06 Feminist and Bloggy choice.

21jan06 I am not perfect.

15jan06 For the DIYer: Bubble lights, no; Cracker Box yes.

04jan06 Ashtanga yoga; altered altoids.

Archive 4: 8sep05–29dec05

29dec05 Oldavai George's wonderful site.

28dec05 The joys of Firefox.

21dec05 Fave things about the first day of winter.

07dec05 Bike rant to CO state trooper.

02dec05 For Fargo fans.

01dec05 Fall versus winter color.

25nov05 In which Meijers does the right thing.

16oct05 Zinnias, flowers and gardeny links.

Archive 03:

31aug05 This is how a real pro jury slide looks.

30aug05 Flight.

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