Precious Metal Clay
For now, some early efforts

This page collects together the series of six posts about my beginning efforts to make something worthwhile in pmc (precious metal clay). My thanks go to MS, D B-W, and AS, fellow members of the pmc sig. Despite the fact that I often skipped, did some other craft instead of pmc, etc., ever so slowly, just the discipline, however erratic, of attending the pmc has finally, a year after taking Ivy Solomon's workshop, begun to mature my ideas about this wonderfully plastic medium. Not to mention Ivy herself, and those inventive, inventive Japanese, who just seem to have the knack for coming up with the coolest art supplies (pmc is a Japanese product, as are the brush pens, disposable non-clogging technical pens, and archival callig markers I'm happy to say populate my art supply drawers.)


Chickadee 1.5" lentil bead pendant. 01dec2021


Page designs another lovely necklace featuring one of my BE floral vases. Collects together all the PMC posts, both finished jewelry & components. 15apr2014


This luscious green and purple necklace is full of all the things I love:) It also currently collects together the multistrand pages. 03oct2012


My friend Margaret makes a lovely necklace for a friend featuring a bronzclay focal & seed bead rope.


Faux Ametrine necklace featuring hollow lampwork and PMC. 22jul2006


Moss Necklace originally posted 19jul06 . Private collection. 19jul2006


We celebrate spring 2006 in pink and green. first posted08mar06 08mar2006


The highly textural experiments arising from my first pmc workshop. Originally posted 21jan06. 21jan2006


...and Celie Fago's keum boo technique . Originally posted 19jan06. 19jan2006


Ever so slowly, my pieces are mutating away from Ivy Solomon and Celie Fago's. Originally posted 20jan06. 20jan2006


For example, we tried playing with variable patination... . Originally posted 18jan06. 18jan2006


About a year later I took a second, ultimately more successful workshop, this time using forms (marbles) and stamps, thereby making a considerably more production oriented set of items. Originally posted 16jan06. 16jan2006


Another reason I stuck with pmc this time around was that several of the ivy workshop participants started a sig to foster our development . Originally posted 17jan06 17jan2006


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