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Sail Series,
Or, fun with variations on a Theme...

This set of stockings was great fun to make because instead of making them piecemeal, as I do for various nieces and nephews as they come along, I made for a family all-at-once. Thus I was able to ensure certain repeating motifs, such as the goldfish, and, obviously the water, not to mention using the same pale blue felt, white edging, and blue and white cording (which I made with a bradshaw winder).

Three sea-themed stockings; I did in fact plan the water lines in each so they'd line up, as in this photo.

To be honest, the mermaid stocking got away from me a little, in that it adds green and magenta to the red-white-blue triad on which the series is based. Nevertheless, I think they work pretty well together as a group. And now they've added another family member to the mix, so I have an excuse to make yet another in this series.

Should be fun.


xmas stocking with shell theme. Part of the sail series. 08jan2014


the `I saw three ships' stocking 06jan2014


Third in a series of sea-themed stockings. Originally posted 02jan09. 02jan2009


2nd in a series of sea-themed stockings . Originally posted 31dec08. 31dec2008


One of a series of three nautically-themed stockings . Originally posted 27dec08. 29dec2008


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