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Shell stocking
she sails sea shells...

So here's the other stocking that goes with three ships: note the goldfish on the flaps, which face each other. These were made the same year, despite the recipients being two or three years apart (because I was running behind, as usual.) Three ships riffed off the first boat one; this one off the beach stocking. —I've been fascinated by shells pretty much all my life—at one family reunion on Virginia Beach I was, a score and more years out from childhood, still picking up seashells; and my mother wryly noted I hadn't changed a bit.

sail series: felt, cording, tassels, jingle bells, machine applique with a bit of hand embroidery. Made (and certainly photographed) dec 2010.

I love pinks and purples and shells; but I wish I'd been able to get the design to gel a bit better. C'est la vie. It's done.

[1]I used Wye's Encyclopedia of Shells as my reference. I love the photos in this book but discovered, after I got it home, why it was on sale: the author was a creationist—with all those variations staring him in the face, he still didn't accept evolution! In fact Stephen Jay Gould's research relied upon shell measurements...