Fukaro substitute:
pressed lentil pendant serves as a counterweight

Some months ago, I left my beloved portable kumi kit, consisting of a zippered pouch made by f2tY's Japanese mom out of old kimono silk, a small foam disk, 16 plastic sewing machine bobbins serving as tama, and a pretty transparent blue lentil with blue-goldstone scrolling[1] that dated back at least to 2014, somewhere.

lampwork bead, bicycle tube lock washer, assorted basemetal & glass beads; photographed 21jan2020, f4, zuiko prime macro, 1/125sec, lumopro manual flash

Not to mention what was shaping up to be a really gorgeous gold and lime green braid, siiiiiighhhh, cuz I had only enough of the thread to make the one braid, and it was vintage and I can't get any more, and why did I not get a process shot of it, not to mention the original fukaro bead.

Anyway. I made this pendant as a substitute, and I'm not really sure why I picked this bead, cuz I don't actually like it that much—mebbe got confused by misplacing the pretty bead I did pick? Well, I do like the way the light is filtering through the faceted orange swarovski—in fact, I think the entire pendant is quite nice.


[1]that alack, I never got around to photographing