2008 Tidy Studio Stringing Desk
Ah, for a brief moment in time...

I've actually done quite a bit to the studio since the last posting in 2005, let alone the original 2004 documentation. As it turns out, unlike the shots I make of beads, even with the doorwall and three large windows, I have to pretty significantly underexpose the images to get ’em to work—so perhaps I'll try some of the too-dark ones again tomorrow. In the meantime, the ones of the stringing desk aren't too bad, so I thought I'd start with that.

Southeast corner of my studio, showing the apothecary chest, plant stands, and stringing desk.

New since last time: I put molding along the ceiling, and though it worked splendidly around the hood, the effect wasn't quite as successful around the perimeter as I'd hoped. However, the high mantel, or shelf, did come out exactly as I planned it. (The wizard was initially very dubious of my design, but by dint of citing the exact same thing in Fine Homebuilding, I got him to put it up.) So now I have tons of out-of-the-way real estate for displaying knicknacks.[1]

I finally made a beaded pot hanger this year to replace the ucky nylon and brown wooden bead one, and perhaps I'll do a post with closeups for next time, since it came out decent, and looks great when the beads catch the sun; and if you look carefully, you can see the french beaded morning glories twined through the metal bracket. Also new (since 2004, anyway) are the various plant stands—the circular one is actually some sort ashtray holder I just salvaged a few weeks ago and its real rust and green patina perfectly match the faux version of the square plant stand purchased some years ago;)

And darn it all, the ugly cardboard boxes under the desk that I store my metal tools are showing. Bleh. Just have to use up a bunch of those old semi-precious in the apothecary chest so's I can move some of the tools in there...

This is a very contrasty shot, but I liked the feel of it.

For awhile I had the plants on foam trays to keep them from leaking onto the wood desk—I decided to put them on an old piece of plexi—not as secure, since it has no lip, and it also bunches them up to the point that the right side of the desk is a little dark; so I may change that part.

But I love it when my studio is tidy: it's so inviting. The only problem is, then I don't actually want to mess it up with work!

photos, file created 20oct08.

[1]Ferex, french beaded flowers in the china jar my cousins gave me as a child, the beautiful fez blown goblets and hand-painted ceramic plate (from page of course), the rain stick from the GLBG beaded project that I painted (but never beaded—was thinking, mebbe hang some chiming beads from it...?) f2tY's ceramic fish. The little cup was a prize my mom won riding horses as a child; some dear relative gave me the slip cast ceramic foal next to it. Next up are assorted boxed chinese ink and brush kits that various folks have purchased for me over the years—it seems to be the default gift for me, and I certainly like using chinese watercolor brushes, so they're as good a gift as any, except I hate to open them—last year, I finally broke out the ones my mom got me in China, because my old brushes were giving JDftY fits whilest she was attempting traditional calligraphy.