Purple and gold
make a regal mouse

This mouse is kind of unusual because of the metal components—the gold half caps on the 8mm, the sterling and bali silver jointed dangles (from my friend Page, I'm guessing), the little “amethyst” and “diamond” pendant on the shorter tail—these were scavenged items giving this mouse a somewhat different look and feel.

glass, assorted mixed metals, beadalon. Focal, made with reactive (e.g. silver green or the like) fine frit (possibly over thompson enamel), about 15mm; Length approximately 7.5" (to longest tail) not including keyring. Photographed 30oct2019. ISO 200, f8 1/125sec, manual flash, custom white balance.

Though the tails do not at all follow my typical design protocols, I think it makes a nice departure.

One of a series that went to Japan in late 2019