Stripey mouse
in blues and greens

Some number of years ago I put what I felt were then the “best” of my beads—at least, those in a lime green and turquoise colourway—in two beautiful, but not very functional goblets, and there they sat collecting dust for years. —The rhinestone rondells have, I suspect, also been [not][1] collecting dust in my friend Page's studio. They're great fun, but not terrifically durable—a problem for earrings or a bracelet that will otherwise stay in perfect condition for years, but not a mouse, which will likely only last a year or two.

Dead mouse, probably strung on or near 27nov2019. Overall length from knurled bike tire collar to tip, about 9" (not including keyring). Focal, about 17x20mm. Effetre, vintage czech, rhinestone rondells. Zuiko lens, f8, 1/125sec, manual flash, custom white balance.

Recently[2] I dumped out the beads, cleaned off the dust, put most of them back in the goblets, diverting some I no longer felt were especially notable into the ‘miscellaneous tray’, where one of them became the focal for this mouse. I was very proud of the stripey series when I first started making them, (and indeed I think they hold up) and stringing this mouse took me back to that pleasant time.

This mouse is one of a series sent to Japan in late 2019.

[1]Because Page keeps her work spaces clean & dust-free.

[2]This page was created 27nov2019.