Dead Mouse in purple, orange and yellow with bells
Bell the cat?

Well, well, well. I made this mouse—and the page to go with—just about exactly[1] seven years ago. I made the mouse, measured it, made the page...and never got around to posting it.

Dead mouse. Pewter ring, memory wire, 49strand beadalon; glass, amethyst, mixed metals, sterling[2] gungroo bells. 6.5”, constructed 18nov12

For 7 years. The styling isn't spectacular, but I like the colour scheme—can't think why I let this page languish so long. I particularly like the stripey just below the purple curliQ—the colour gradation, from banana yellow, to cream, to black and/or purple[3] .

[1]It's 19Nov as I write this, and it's scheduled to go up 21 Nov

[2]Makes me wonder if it was specifically a gift: I don't typically put precious metal into these.

[3]In glass, black is —usually—very dark purple.