Blue, orange and yellow stripes
make a cute mini-mouse

This is another of those pages I made seven years ago, and just now got around to posting.

dead mouse, strung & photographed 18nov12. Lampwork, vintage, czech pressed and glass seed beads; lapis lazuli, base metal. Approx 9 inches long

I guess I have less shame about posting the same thing for weeks on end; either that, or nostalgia dims the glaring flaws immediately obvious upon creation. (My friend Kristin Perkins calls this ‘bead dysmorphia’—that sensation you have when you look at everything you've made and see only problems. I gather it's a problem common to artists.)

Here's another shot of the same piece, taken on 12Sept2013

It is kinda strange that stuff I just tossed off and mostly forgot about, becomes precious with the patina of nostalgia added—but it happens often enough that I know, for me at least, that it's not a fluke.