Shard bead shines
replacing a lost purple earring

The earring on the left is half of a pair that I made for some sort of charity auction, and the purple beads are leftover CiM or Reichenbach sample strand hollows.

Photographed 15nov2019; originally constructed 2017 or 18? Replacement, november october 2019. Overall length, approximately 1.75"; focal beads are about 12mm hole to hole. The image is cropped but otherwise unaltered.

As I no longer had a bead of matching size, I was very happy to hear that the recipient only needed another earring that co-ordinated, and in fact appreciated the idea of non-symmetrical earrings; thus, I was able to select a smaller bead in the same colour, and add a little shard designer bead that's been kicking around for any number of years, because I liked it and was saving it for just the right project—this person's unusual flexibility should, I felt, be rewarded with a particularly yummy bead. I also felt that she would appreciate the sparkle of a fuchsia rhinestone rondel—not the most durable component in the world, but again, something I felt would really appeal.

This images was made 30oct, so obviously the earrings were made no later than that day...

My first lot of pix sucked didn't really show off the shard bead, so I actually took the trouble to reshoot them right, i.e. hanging, so there could be some backlighting.

These earrings are on niobium findings, which I really like because they not only come in colours but also are hypoallergenic.