Port Austin birdhouse
luck with lghting

It's kind of odd that because I'm so focused on the photography class, I'm more interested in posting stuff in that medium, (despite the fact that I spent much of the day I wrote this page painting furniture...)

So a couple of years ago we were camping on Beaver Island Port Austen Austin, and I happened to photograph this birdhouse, and aside from my usual issues of not actually getting the horizon quite level, it just came out nearly perfect, right out of the box, without any much effort on my part. (I did use the telephoto to mess with the framing, and upped the exposure compensation a third of a stop.) This was basically a case of a) having beautiful light, and b) a cloudless and sky and lots of water to reflect it.

According to the exif data, I shot this at f4.5 at 1/800sec with a plus 0.3ev with my sony RX 100 with colour balance set to daylight.

Click on the image to get a nice sharp version; the birdhouse is in focus:) —I use full manual mode in the studio, but when outdoors, I typically shoot aperture priority, dial the DOF way down and adjust with exposure compensation, as I did here.