Autumn Photography
playing with post-processing colour...

Perhaps my favourite[1] travel camera ever was my Sony DSC-RX100, but alas, it wasn't very durable—it only lasted 2–3 years. Among other things it came with various creative modes, which I hardly ever used. This picture of a barn, taken on an autumn day, is one of the rare times I played with it—pretty sure it's the ‘miniature’ or ‘toy’ mode:

1/640sec, f4.9, exp bias +0.3, apeture priority; 15oct2014

The landscaping along the bike path near my house is generally not terribly exciting, but I do really like the contrast between the gold and red-brown of the sedum: the designer hit this one out of the park:

1/125sec, f1.8, exp bias -0.7, cloudy white balance; the reds have been post-processed slightly (shortly after I took this picture, quite possibly to bring the image more in line with what I experienced.)

Anyway, there you have it, a couple of pictures with red focal points and a bit of post-processing. Sometimes, rich, vivid colour is the way to go.

[1]Why favourite? Because it was small, took good closeup shots & had full manual overrides. The Lumix I have now (as of 2020 has better manual controls, a hotshoe and even better bokeh, but it's significantly bigger, meaning it doesn't travel with me nearly as regularly as this one did—I'm now very nearly to the point of travelling with my phone, even on overseas trips.