2016 Hands of the Maker

Click on any image for the full size version! If you want something reshot or have a specific detail in addition to the ones shown here, lemme know—I've already put a couple of hours into this, I wanted feedback before putting any more in, thanks:)

Photographer's notes. All images shot with flash. Setting camera to ‘flash’ gives truer color, especially for pinks & purples in 1st piece, which were washed out with custom white balance. Color balance monitor died, selected images by guess & by golly (also using peaking in-camera), weighted towards darks/shadows (i.e. background). Full items shot on lg blk plexi, thin filmy plastic diffusion; closeups with lightcube. orange piece required white plastic bounce on right to lighten up beads in flower cones.

directory: /Pictures/StudioBeadPhoto/CindiBrunell/20160306cb