Flat Square Disk Braid
fugly, fugly brown & pink wool braid...

I hanked this wool yarn for my Makiko Tada masterclass, and about a little over halfway not only lost the pattern completely, but one of the strands tore; so I finished it up, and decided to try again with the whole ‘flat braid on a plate thing’.

Flat braid, 2015–2016. 3/4inch x approximately 48inches long (including tassels). The desired pattern is on the right, the much shorter ‘speckled’ part is after I got confused. 100% wool, 16 strands.

I made many, many attempts to fix my mistakes (one reason why one of the strands tore, I think) but ultimately decided to finish it—the ‘mistaken’ ones are the ones I tend to actually use, anyway.