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Because I always forget the step about positioning the lever after it's mounted on the tire. This is the sort of boring crap I tend to put on my private pages, but, hey, I want to be able to find this stupid page 5 years down the road...

  • remove the plastic cap on tire (inner tube) nipple.
  • if presta valve, open
  • position valve shifter/lever on pump head in middle position
  • place pump head on inner tube nipple
  • shift lever from middle position all the way over[1] to lock head into place: shifting lever after pump head is positioned on nipple ensures a good seal.
  • pump tire.
  • shift lever back to middle position & quickly remove pump head
  • if presta screw valve shut
  • replace cap on nipple
  • put pump away

[1]grey side for schraeder; black for presta—note icons molded into pump head