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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Kristin Perkins Leaf Pendant
new, lovely 2010 version

New for 2010, these leaf pendants now incorporate an organic, sinuous quality.[1]

center weighted average metering (oops!) +1.3ev, 1/3sec, f11 20100714kp/P7144736.JPG

item positioned diagonally to back of cube, i.e. camera positioned at angle at right front corner. Large light grey sheet used to bounce light onto rivets.

(Update 2020: This image was obviously taken with a photoflood, and the piece had to be positioned in such a way that it touched the plexi so it wouldn't sway during the long exposure, which was a tradeoff between lighting the glass and not overexposing the highlights on the silver too badly. —Nowadays, I would probably just combine exposures, but I hadn't learnt how to do that, either.)

[1]IOW, I made this page a decade ago, and finally decided to post it, as a sort of last hurrah: as Kristin has finally started doing her own photography.