Tampopo & Trillium
Nostalgia, yet again

This page was created a long time ago, and was originally supposed to be about machine embroidery.[1] But trawling through my pix from 2004 revealed no machine embroidery, so I decided to swap in these photos of local flora, instead.

I discover the joys of sun shining through dew.

All of these photos were shot on the 13th of May in 2004, with a Nikon990.

Dandelions, aka tampopo

I don't know very many Japanese words, but because of the film of the same name, I do know the word for ‘dandelion’. Dandelions have a somewhat better rep in that country:)

trillium start out white

I was delighted to discover a hillside's worth of trillium along a bike path. I'm not sure whether it was this year or another, but I seem to recall encountering lots of ka (mosquitoes) and a fair amount of poison ivy while shooting them.

They become pink...

Giant trilllium are one of my favourite spring ephemerals. For several years I had one in my garden, but the harsh winters we've been having evidently did it in.

darkening to a lovely rose.

[1]I suspect I batched a bunch of stubs, and lost track of this one, which in this system is easier to do than you might think.