Hairy purple bells
Virginia Waterleaf enhanced with raindrop...

This proved actually to be ridiculously easy to ID, as I had both purple and white samples, and the leaves (in shots not shown) were deeply divided. Another distinctive feature are the long stamens, that protrude significantly past petals.

Virgina bellflower. 20May2016, Sony RX100, f1.8 at 1/60th. WV: cloudy. The image is soft, but not this soft: click to see better resolution.

This was taken during a road trip to Minnesota, with my beloved sony, which as you see has fantastic bokeh, and which also unfortunately died.[1] —If I didn't know better, I'd’ve assumed it was taken wit the lensbaby.

shooting stars. f2.5 1/160sec, exp bias -0.7ev white balance ‘shade’

Technically this is the strongest of the shooting star images, which, like the Virgina bellflowers, had both white and coloured varieties—lavender pink in this case—varieties. Though not as appealing as photography, I was very excited see some of these for the first time.

[1]A known problem, and the reason I was unwilling to replace it with the updated version; I switched to the Panasonic Lumix, which is—alas—slightly larger but compensates with physical controls and a hotshoe.