Blue-green-gold disk braid
drama with hot greens

Really pretty happy with the way this one turned out, since I have vivid memories of futzing around, trying to come up with a good colour combo. Given the amount of string I have stashed away, this should not be hard, but nevertheless, it took way too long. I started the documentation as follows:

Laid & cut this today (2016-10-16)[1]

#5 perle cotton; the multi-color gold-green is a DMC hank from Jo-Ann/Michaels. 16 strands, (8 & 8) starting length 9’

I've long since forgotten where I bought the finca solids—possibly from a little crazy quilt shop going out of business; I do know I got them on sale, and more or less purchased every interesting color on offer (my usual modus operandi to be sure.)

This is shot on inclined black plexi, with my new, big ceiling reflection, and it makes for a handsome, clean background, since if the angle of the light is just right, the inevitable dust disappears;)

The completed braid is 68" (more or less unstretched) with 2" tassels, one of which I added using a tapestry need & scraps cut off the 2nd end, which finally totally completed the braid on 26mar17 The braid is 63%[2] of the original strands, which is fairly obviously from its soft & stretchy nature—to get really firm braids, I have to use the much heavier tama & fukaro available to me on the marudai.

[1]Or so says the create date of the page...

[2]68/108 = 63%, or a 37% takeup—much less than the 45–55% expected on a real marudai.