3 journals
w Japanese stab bindings

I made three journals for 3 folks who like sketching from scratch pads my sister-in-law no longer needed, adding inserts so memorabilia or similar could be pasted in. One person requested black and gold, one peach and olive with bronze, and I wanted to use some of Frances’ fancy gold tinted red fountain pen ink.

3 journals. Completed around 20apr2018.

The gold and black one came out more or less ok, but I had a terrible time with the other two: obviously failed completely with the peach/olive/bronze colour scheme, and didn't do much better with my own. The gold all disappeared from the ink once I sealed it[1] —I finally added some gold pixie dust I had lying around. I don't much use the metallic colours for beads, preferring the more subtle effects of the hi-lite type, but it looks splendid on mixed media.

Hmm, perhaps I don't need to buy more gold acrylic paint...?

Unfortunately, sealing the red ink hid pretty much all its interesting qualities; though I enjoyed making this (imperfect) variation on the binding "stitch pattern."<

[1]Being fountain pen ink, it remains permanently water soluable to some degree.