Nail Polish
birthday card

This was a card made for someone who expresses her creativity with artistically applied nail polish.

cake ink, watercolour, coloured pens on 9x12 paper folded into quarters

To make the card, I fetched up a box of bottles of assorted nail polish given me by people who where moving/cleaning out their collections, etc. I use it to mark tools, not paint my nails: I'm much too lazy to maintain nails with anything other than trimming them as short as I can to prevent (as much as possible) dirt collecting under them; and as I understand there's air exchange through nail keratin that the polish blocks, I prefer not to color them for that reason as well.

I don't have anything against other people decorating their nails, and I've seen some dazzling work. (I do worry about people working for low wages in nail salons, however, and them breathing all those toxic fumes.)

Card interior.

—The only reason I was able to do the Japanese greeting is that I had just learned it on my phone program:)