March Creativity Exercise
I begin my pitiful variations....

Here's a shot of all the beads related to this exercise.

Last time I promised to show the new beads coming out of this exercise, so here they are, only a month late.


The upshot of all this is that I still have not learned to integrate these colors attractively in a bead, nor worked up a good sculptural petal design. I've also learned that putting these beads in the magnetic polisher, even at slow speeds, is probably not a good idea, since I managed to break petals off of two of them. I kinda liked the design interpreted in my 100-bead exercise colors, though. Now that I have all of April's exercise to do, not to mention completing my 100 bead exercise and—oh yes—customer requests—I'll get right back to it. (Sure.)

sodalime beads, spring 2005. File originally created 02may05. Added summary & thumbnail, 04jan2020