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Dichro Solids
Yeah, solid beads are hard, too.

This index collects the pages concerning solid dichro beads.

dichro solids, still on 1/16” mandrel, with the accompanying strip used to make the bead. No, I'm not sure what color that is. However, the bead was almost certainly made mid October, and it's almost certainly cased with vetrofond clear.

Updated the image to include the larger file size, 19mar2014. Now you can see every speck of bead release!


2 of 3 cracked is a fail. 29apr2020


green dichros, shown with source glass. Photographed 18jul2007. 18nov2017


Sample of green/magenta dichro solid with accompanying color strip. Oct 2006. 01dec2006


Sample of premium pink dichro solid with accompanying color strip. Oct 2006. 02dec2006


Collection of pages having to do with the small, designer clear-cased dichro solid beads —the only solid beads—I regularly make. 03dec2006


Another reminder-to-self tutorial for making clear-cased solid dichros, since I keep forgetting the fine points. 09apr2006


My initial howto post for making dichro solids. Shows an assortment. 21may2005



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